Best Water Hardness Test Kit

Buy a water hardness test kit if you need to measure the degree of water hardness. Hard water or hardness in water has an adverse economic effect on soaps, water-dependent appliances, swimming pool, and other water-holding containers.

Testing Water Hardness is a necessity now, so is the need to test with the most efficient and best water hardness test kit. In most parts of the world, water pollution is increasing at an alarming rate. According to a Wikipedia degree of water hardness table, it varies from slightly hard water to very hard water. See the list of water hardness degree below.

  • Slightly Hard Water – 16.1 – 60 mg/L of minerals.
  • Moderately Hard Water – 61 – 120 mg/L of minerals.
  • Hard Water – 121 – 180 mg/L of minerals.
  • Very Hard Water – more than 180 mg/L of minerals.

The main causes of water hardness are impurities mostly a combination of Calcium and Magnesium, these minerals concentration level determines the level of water hardness. Get rid of these two depends on the type of water hardness. A temporary hardness caused by dissolved bicarbonate mineral can be softened using a lime softening process. However, permanent hardness requires a reliable water softener, you need a water hardness test kit to measure the degree of water hardness.

Remember water does not have taste, color, odor it is simply pure H2O, carbon dioxide plays a major role in making water hard.

Economic Effect of Hard Water

If you use more detergent for basic cleaning and laundry or your bathing soap takes longer to lather well. Hard water is to blame, you will require more detergent for cleaning, despite this, stains and curds are left on the fabric or body surface.

It damages clothing and reduces its lifespan, it breaks hair and causes irritation to the skin, which may be very difficult and expensive to fix or maintain.

The lifespan of appliances that require water also reduces, these include washing machine, electric kettles, water heater, and dishwashers. Inside some of these appliances, you may see curds that have greyish matter or a rusty like appearance on these appliances when iron is present.

Though water hardness is not regarded as a health hazard, it poses a serious problem to water holding equipment such as boilers, heaters and the rest.  The most common recipe for water hardness is the water softener.

Hard Water Testing Kit

The most common way to detect hard water is washing clothes with water, the soap or detergent usually takes a longer time to lather. You can easily test for hardness in water by using a test stripe, instruments, or the good old soap method.

To get a reliable result you need a proper Hard Water Testing kit to measure the degree of hardness. This will help you in great deal when softening the water.

You can easily identify hard water when you notice certain features, however, you need a test kit for hard water to measure the degree of hardness. Scales caused by excessive calcium in the water can be noticed on the edges of the container holding the water. Corrosion of metal is also an indicator.

Baldwin Meadows Total Hardness Water Test Strips

This Water Hardness Test Strip determines the hardness of water ranging from 0-425 mg/L, while producing accurate results in seconds.

Hone Forest Water Quality Tester

If you need a multifunction tester, that can test water hardness and temperature. It is known as a 3 in one test tool, with test rang from 0 – 9990ppm. This is the tester of choice for aquariums, drinking water, and general water needs.

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Hach 2745250 Total Hardness Test Strips

This is tests water hardness degree from 0 – 425 mg/L

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HoneForest Hard Water Test Kit

The strips are recently upgraded for testing total hardness of water, within 0 – 425 mg/L and 100ct.

Health Metric Professional TDS pm Conductivity Meter.

If you want an easy and quick EC TDS with a temperature test pen, then this test meter is ideal for you. It has an extended test range from between 0 – 9999 ppm and +/- 2% accuracy.

Test Assured Bulk Water Hardness Test Strips.

This test strip gives you the reading result in 15 seconds, it has a water hardness testing degree of 0PPM to 500ppm.

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Industrial Test Systems WaterWorks 481108 Total Hardness Test Strip

This is a powerful water hardness test strip that measures the hardness of water degree from 0 – 1000ppm. It also performs the test within 3 seconds, a single pack contains 30 test strips.

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Lxuemlu Professional 3 in 1 TDS, Temperature and EC Meter

This water hardness test meter is a digital tester with 3 in 1 feature and can measure water hardness degree of range 0 – 9999ppm. It works efficiently for most water test use case such as swimming pools, drinking water, and aquarium.

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JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips

If you are looking for an accurate water quality testing kit to determine if the water is soft or hard, then go for this 150 strips mega pack.

First Alert WT1 Drinking Water

The features of the first alert WT1 are following.

  • Tests for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates/nitrites, and chlorine
  • Checks the hardness and pH of your water

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AquaChek Total Hardness Test Kit Strips

This test water hardness in swimming pool or spa, it takes about 15 – 30 seconds to show results. It is one of the preferred water hardness test kit in the market.

Pro Products Spectrum Basic Hardness Field Analysis Kits

If you need a quick water hardness test result with a relatively accurate result, this is the test kit to go for. It has adequate use instructions, if for basic home users.

NovoBlue 14 in 1 Water Test Kit

This is a multipurpose test kit that tests water for various indices, it can perform up to 14 tests and deliver a reliable result. You can use it at home or for professional use, most home users prefer it because of its ability test for other minerals in water, water hardness, and the pH level.

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HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester

Test water hardness degree with the HM digital and get a range between 0 – 9990 ppm, and a fairly accurate readout of 3%. This water hardness tester can be calibrated to suit end users requirement.

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Water Safe WS425W Well Water Test Kit

The ability to detect 10 contaminant that includes calcium, copper, lead, and iron. Also indicates a dangerous level of nitrates and unsafe levels of chlorine in the water. The results are fairly accurate and also delivers results within a minute.

Water Safe is a good brand and recommended for home and professional use. It helps detect which water is clean or contaminated, especially for public and private use.

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Recommendation for Water Hardness Tool Kit.

Looking at the array of options above, selecting a perfect water hardness toolkit might be challenging. It is recommended that you put the cost, use case, and functions into consideration. Some will provide you with enough strips while some do not. Each with its own features and benefit.

The closer the test result is to 0 ppm the safer the water. A water hardness test kit is a must-have in homes and public institutions. Accidents do happen it helps if you perform a regular test on water and also use a water filter or softener as the case may be.